Alexa Skill Development Workshop & Hackathon

Alexa Skill Development Workshop & Hackathon was to introduce the basic development skill for creating new Alexa skills and to help students who have just started building skills for Alexa.

Jan 11th, 2020

Round Table Discussion

Round Table Discussion was solely organised for all memebers of the CIS chapter to improve information analysis, communication skills and presentation skills of the members.

Jan 24th, 2020

International AI Summit 2.0

AI Summit was an event having book release to power talks which covered all the important topics which are required to be known in the field of AI.

Mar 6th, 2020 - Mar 7th, 2020 Learn More

Life of Open Source

Life of Open Source was a one day workshop which introduced the participants about the Version Control System (VCS) using Git and GitHub.

Mar 14th, 2020

Learn While Corona

Learn While Corona program was in association with in which students were provided free online courses in the field of Machine Learning using Python & R.

Mar 15th, 2020

Industry Connect 1.0

Industry Connect 1.0 was conducted so that the students can gain knowledge on various topics as well as raise some funds for PM care funds to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apr 25th, 2020 - Apr 27th, 2020

Webinar Data Cleaning for ML Services

Webinar Data Cleaning for ML Services was a webinar which focused on cleaning the data and machine learning and how both the fields can work together.

Jul 5th, 2020


SheCodes was an event under the banner 'Diversity and Inclusion' aimed at providing resources to participants to train them from basic python to implementing machine learning models.

Aug 24th, 2020 - Oct 2nd, 2020 Learn More


SheHacks was a hackathon for women to showcase their amazing skills in analysing, creating and deploying solutions of real life problem statements.

Aug 25th, 2020 - Oct 17th, 2020 Learn More

Tech Convocation

Tech convocation was an exhilarating platform to showcase your cognizance about Artificial Intelligence in various disciplines.

Oct 9th, 2020 - Oct 11th, 2020 Learn More


SURF program helped the students to work with distinguished faculty members and experienced mentors to complete hands-on research in their particular area of interest.

Jan 1st, 2021 - Mar 31st, 2021 Learn More

The Age of AI

The Age of AI was a four week virtual event which was taken by renowned speakers delivering the PowerTalk sessions on the recent innovations of Artificial Intelligence.

Feb 20th, 2021 - Mar 20th, 2021

Machine Learning BootCamp

ML Bootcamp is a virtual 6-week workshop series meant for students who want to get started with machine learning and create cool projects by applying it with Python.

May 9th, 2021 Learn More

Web I/O

Web I/O was a front-end and back-end web development Bootcamp supported by Scrimba and Codecademy. The main motive of this program was to train students with full-stack web development technologies from scratch and to prepare them to dive deep into the field of Web Development under the mentorship.
September 10 to November 28, 2021 Learn More


Start-O-Thon was a start-up hackathon where the young entrepreneurs came up with unique and mind-boggling ideas to turn them into business. This event was conducted to encourage the fresh ideas among students and to provide them with a platform to connect with the industrialists and expand their network and business plans for a better future.
October 5, 2021 Learn More


Hack4Good was a 7 days hackathon with the aim of building the solutions to humanity's greatest problems which would eventually promote social causes. Student teams develop and implement data-driven solutions to increase the impact of not-for-profit organizations. It was an opportunity for all students to win and create community based solutions
January 10, 22 Learn More

Demystifying Web 3.0

Web3 is a new addition to the web paradigm. This is the idea of a new version of the World Wide Web based on blockchain technology that includes concepts such as decentralization and token-based economy. Given the current growth and analysis of the Web3 space, a huge adaptation is expected.
March 5, 22 Learn More

AI Summit 3.0

The International AI Summit 3.0 sponsored by Indian Council for Technical Research and Development, Konverge.AI, Ekatra StrideAhead and Argo Technologies was organized at G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur which focused on various aspects of AI. The ideas, facts and thoughts on the same were conveyed through our dignified speakers
March 25, 22 Learn More
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